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Welcome to the Online Application Form for the 2016 Guide to Craft and Art in Nova Scotia.  We are shifting the service completely to an online format as of this year.  We would please ask that you report any issues you encounter to us right away so we can resolve them on a timely basis.

We'd greatly appreciate your using the online application system to help us process your submission more efficiently. However, if you do require other options to process your application, please contact Kyle at the NSCCD office and he will be happy to assist you.

He can be reached at the NSCCD office by phone at (902) 492-2522 or by e-mail at

Online Application Form

Director's Message

Dear Advertiser:

Having taken into consideration the rising costs of printing, the staff resources required, and the difficulties we experienced last year with distributing the Guide, we have decided for 2016 not to produce a printed version but rather concentrate our resources on further developing the on-line Guide to Craft & Art in Nova Scotia. Our goal is to offer an inclusive listing of people, places and events that is user-friendly, affordable and cost effective for all involved.

Based on changing consumer needs, we have adapted our strategy. Knowing that at least 85% of travelers use the internet when planning their vacations, then use their smartphones for local information when traveling, this year we are creative and distributing a rack card directing people to our web-based search engine This mobile-friendly website allows visitors to search listings by tourism region, craft/art media, or business name. Linked to Google maps, tourists can easily find you and other nearby shops, art galleries, artists, studios, organizations and craft events.

We look forward to working with each of you to provide up-to-date content and visually exciting images that entice travelers to discover, purchase and enjoy your work. Our tech consultant has been re-tooling the website so we can easily update its content with new information and photos from you.

Now that the 2016 website is ready for you, we anticipate a streamlined process of updating basic listings at a nominal fee in turn support of printing and mailing of a rack card which will be used to promote the Guide's website this year. Ad options will also be available on the website as in the past. Copies of the rack card will be distributed to all of our contributing clients (currently 200) as well as the NS Visitor Information Centres.

We're here to help you stretch a dollar and let the world know how exceptional Nova Scotia's craftspeople and artists truly are.

Director - Susan Charles

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